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CEO and Chairman of André Schneider Global Advisory

Classical Orchestra Musician.
Diploma, Richard Strauss Konservatorium, Munich.
PhD in Computer Science, University of Geneva.

Philharmonic Orchestra of Berlin.
Staatstheater Kassel.
Symphony Orchestra of the Radio Saarland.
Lucerne International Festival Orchestra.

Researcher in parallel computers for the European Community.
Product Developer, Consultant and Principal, IBM Consulting Group.

Founded the André Schneider Global Advisory in 2011

Joined the World Economic Forum in 1998 and was appointed Director of Knowledge Management and Associate Member of the Managing Board in 2000.
Member of the Managing Board from January 2003.

Consultant for various companies and organizations.
Speaker on IT-related topics.

Some Links
Richard Strauss Konservatorium, Munich
Institute for Computer Science, University of Geneva
Esprit Projects (European Community)
IBM Consulting Group


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