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DRG Baureihe 05
DRG Baureihe 06
DRG Baureihe 19 1001
DRG Baureihe 45
DRG Baureihe 61
DRG Baureihe 96
DRG Fliegender Hamburger
DRG Projekt Baureihe 53.0
DB Baureihe 03
DB Baureihe 10
Union Pacific 4000 "Big Boy"

H0 Railway
I have been starting to create my own H0 railway based on the Märklin digital systems. The current state is
bullet The plan

bullet The view

bullet My locomotives

SBB Serie 460

SBB Ae 6/6

DB V360

DB BR 03

DB VT602

DB BR 45

DRG BR 18.4



DB BR 10

DRG BR 53.0

Reihe B VI der K.Bay.Sts.B.

Reihe K der K.Bay.Sts.B.


SBB CE 6/8 Krokodil

DB BR 10 Ölfeuerung

DB BR 01.10

Adler train

DR BR 96

DB BR VT 08.5

DB BR 01

SBB Serie 460 DRS3

Union Pacific 4000 Big Boy

DRG BR 19 1001

DB BR 45

"Langer Heinrich" Heavy Ore Train with
DB BR 44 locomotive

DB BR 44 second locomotive for the "Langer Heinrich"

bullet A short presentation of some of my locomotives

bullet My historic trains
bullet The DRG Rheingold train with the BR 18.4 locomotive
bullet The DRG Hamburg-Berlin express with the BR 05 locomotive (world speed record on 11. Mai 1936 with 200.4 km/h)
bullet The DRG train "Fliegender Hamburger"
bullet The DRG BR 19 1001 "Dampfmotor" locomotive
bullet The DB passenger train of the German Federal Chancellors with the BR 03 locomotive
bullet The DB torpedo steel transporter with the BR 45 (the strongest transport locomotive of the DB)
bullet The K locomotive with a cargo train of the "Geislinger Steige"
bullet The German football world champion train from 1954
bullet The "Langer Heinrich" / "Long Henry" Heavy Ore Train with two BR 44 locomotives
bullet My collection
bullet All you wanted to know about steam locomotives / Alles was man wissen will zu Dampf-Lokomotiven


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