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You May Be A Child's Hope For Love and Belonging in this World


It is governed by a Board, which consists of 5 members.  Its area of operation is Addis Ababa and its surrounding areas.  It has signed project agreement with Social and Civil Affairs Bureau of Addis Ababa City Administration and operational agreement with Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission (DPPC).  It has been an associate member of Christian Relief and Development Association since December 2004.

KIDS CARE espouses a vision of creating a well-developed society in which proper physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development of children can be easily achieved.

To work towards the attainment of a social order with the lowest possible number of children vulnerable to social problems.


Consistently strive to assist and provide services to the most needy irrespective of race, religion or gender.

The association has opened a children's home in Arada KifleKetema and a day care Center in Akaki/Kaliti Kifleketema of Addis Ababa City Administration.

To contribute towards poverty alleviation by striving to bring about improvement and lasting positive change in the lives of the most disadvantaged members of the society, particularly orphaned, abandoned and destitute children with the help and active involvement of the community at large.

The association has opened a children’s home in Arada Kifle Ketema and a Day Care Center in Akaki/Kaliti Kifle Ketema in Addis Ababa City Administration.


KIDS CARE funds its projects through donations obtained from national and international funding agencies, NGOs and Embassies such as the British and Swiss Embassies as well as contributions from individuals.


As per its constitution, the General Assembly comprising representatives of the beneficiaries, founders and executive Board members forms the highest policy making body of KIDS CARE

Board Of Directors

KIDS CARE Executive board

KIDS CARE Children’s Welfare Association is an indigenous, non-profit making and non-governmental organization founded in July 2001 by an Ethiopian philanthropist W/ro Aster Fesseha with an aim of giving assistance to orphans, abandoned and destitute children and their mothers.  It has a legal status and operates in Addis Ababa and its surrounding areas.

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