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You May Be A Child's Hope For Love and Belonging in this World
  Childrens Home


Located at sidist kilo, KIDS CARE Children’s Home receives and looks after orphaned and abandoned children under the age of six.  KIDS CARE believes that the best place, which is of indispensable importance for proper physical, mental and moral development of such children is a loving and caring family, not an anonymous institution.  Therefore, the organization is working hard to place orphaned and abandoned children in loving and caring families by promoting adoption both locally and internationally.

KIDS CARE also helps destitute children to properly follow up their education through the provision of sponsorship assistance. 

How are beneficiaries selected?

The association admits needy children below 6 years of age to its children’s home based on officially certified letters or recommendations from Hospitals, the Social and Civil Affairs Bureau, the different Kifle Ketemas and Kebele Administrations and the Addis Ababa City Police Commission. 


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